Magnesium Sulfate used for Animal (2)
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 5. Use 10% Magnesium Sulfate and 10% glucose injection mixed to instill, one time per day, it can treat young stock diarrhoea at Autumn. Clinical effect is good.

6. Use 10% Magnesium Sulfate green tea solution to wash the sore, this can treat cats or dogs eczema.

7.  When treat the cats or dogs viral hepatitis hyperbilirubinemia, put the Magnesium Sulfate with Danshen injection, it can reduce enzyme,

remove jaundice, improve liver function.

8. Cats or dogs suffer organic poisoning, on the base of conventional therapy, use 25% Magnesium Sulfate solution intravenous drip, one

time per day, it can improve shortness of breath and pneumonedema, ect.

All above are the new applications of Magnesium Sulfate, hope we can supply some help for farmers and veterinaries. More and more Magnesium Sulfate applications will be serviced for clinic.


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