Magnesium sulfate used for different plants (1)
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Magnesium sulfate used for different plants:


 Magnesium sulfate for sugarcane,at different growth stages magnesium absorption trend is growing,the fertilizer magnesium sulfate is conducive to improve the yield and quality of sugarcane .


 Magnesium sulfate for flue-cured tobacco, Calcium and magnesium are important elements that affect the yield and quality of flue-cured tobacco . Magnesium is a vital component of chlorophyll , a direct impact on plant photosynthesis and protein metabolism , magnesium deficiency will lead to accelerated decomposition , reduce the assimilative capacity of the plant , and the right amount of magnesium beneficial to improve the growth and quality of flue-cured tobacco .


 Magnesium sulfate for tomatoes,to prevent blossom end rot,add 2 or 3 tablespoons per plant hole before planting.Generally,tomatoes tend to be heavy users of magnesium and have been said to benefit from Magnesium sulfate.Many users simply add a tablespoon to the hole before they plant.Each month,sprinkle a tablespoon around the base of each plant and scratch into soil.




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