Magnesium sulfate used for different plants (2)
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 Magnesium sulfate used for different plants:


 Magnesium sulfate for roses,sprinkle 1 teaspoon per foot of palnt height and spread evanly around the base for better blossoms and deeper greening.


Magnesium sulfate for lawns,four pounds for every 2500 square feet.Use in a spreader or dilute using a hose and spray attachment.



Magnesium sulfate for potatoes,suitable concentration of magnesium sulfate soaking potatoes is favour for the potato seedling, when its concentrations above 2% showed inhibitory effects.
Magnesium sulfate for soybean,magnesium sulfate seed soaking improve the soybean seed germination rate, germination potential, soybean plants fresh weight, germination index and vigor index, reduced the conductivity, especially in ρ (Mg ^ 2 +) = 10.00 Mg/L of magnesium sulfate solution is the best. 


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